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Elmore Court are an approved venue for fireworks and we enjoy working with them to put on displays,  However due to the location we use Quiet Fireworks under to ensure that cattle and residents are not disturbed. 

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At Twilight Fireworks we put safety as our number one priority. We always carry out site visits if a venue is new or has had recent work done to provide accurate risk assessments which work in line with our Public Liability Insurance.



We have access to several leading firework manufacturers such as Celtic Fireworks, Brothers, Vivid Pyrotechnics and Imperial Lotus to name a few.

With a large access to these top brands we are able to use some of the UK's Best Fireworks 



We use Market Leading Software 'Finale 3D' in order to digitally create shows before we even fire them; This allows us to see a show prior to the main event where we will fire it. This Software works really well with our Professional Firing Systems


Value For Money

Whether your show is three minutes or your show is fifteen minutes we are always looking at ways to work together and create a display you won’t forget. We are here to make everlasting memories, not to make a large sum of money. That’s why we always work with what you want.



We are always very versatile with all the shows that we put on; some pyromusicals always priced as the whole show being synced to music. At Twilight Fireworks, if you want music, we can sync certain parts of your package to be synced if you wish. We also can provide Speakers and PA systems for your event.



We always care for the environment that’s why we always provide post site clear up free of charge. Furthermore, we think it’s important to give customers a quiet fireworks package at no extra cost from our other packages.



At Twilight Fireworks safety is paramount as previously mentioned on several web pages. We ensure all of our events with £5 million Public Liability Insurance for peace of mind.


Indoor Pyro

Not only do we offer fireworks, But also we offer indoor pyrotechnics and special effects such as confetti. These are great effects for where fireworks are not allowed. Whether it be a gender reveal or first dance at a wedding. We’ve got you covered.



At Twilight Fireworks we offer bespoke firework displays that match the theme of your special day, whether it’s a birthday, wedding or corporate event. We are able to work with you to make sure you get the display that you would like.

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